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E: Just recognized you are likely on wi-fi in a distant component of the household or a thing, so sorry if I sounded impolite. Nevertheless, this is likely to be the most efficient factor you could attempt, so you definitely ought to attempt to determine out a way to do it. rn” If you are making use of comcast, I know they block a complete hell of alot of ports just from them.

Comcast are like the the Fratellis from the Goonies “I’m Norweigan, so no. rn@lane said:rn” @seriousface: Are your router and your modem on distinct continents or a little something? What’s hard about unplugging a cable and plugging it in somewhere else? You can waste time fiddling with your router right until you get so disappointed you close up placing it on hearth, or you can commit thirty seconds verifying that the router is the problem in the to start with area. E: Just recognized you happen to be likely on wireless in a distant portion of the household or a thing, so sorry if I sounded rude. Even now, this is going to be the most effective matter you could attempt, so you seriously ought to consider to determine out a way to do it. “rn@seriousface:Can you post a image of the community standing website page for your D-Hyperlink wherever ti will clearly show the handle assigned to your router.

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Actuay dont article it just personal concept me it. I am currious if this a double nat scenario. rn@cripplecaptain:That’s what I figured, which is why I recommended plugging straight into the modem. rn@cripplecaptain:Well, to be genuine, I might somewhat see that than granny hooking her Windows ninety eight device straight into the vast open up Web. rn@lane: nicely I however see lots of that. Infact for kicks if you havent tried using this and you are on cable online (dont think dsl makes it possible for it) boot up a are living cd and plug instantly into the modem and you usualy hit an open home windows share but cycleing by way of your community phase with the precedin.

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slashes I observed a number of on my section one particular working day with the every person examine compose authorization for the c$ share. But yes then I suppose I would like to see my latter recommendation of a seperate port for including your possess router outside the house of the modems nat. rn@seriousface:Plug your pc straight into the modem. Then you are going to have to figure out how to log into the modem’s administrative interface. Normally you will find directions on the bottom of the modem. You want to obtain a location that passes the signal straight as a result of to your router – typically it truly is known as “bridge mode” or one thing similar.

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At the time you check that off, you should really be good to go. rn” @seriousface: Plug your laptop or computer straight into the modem. Then you’re going to have to determine out how to log into the modem’s administrative interface. Usually you can find guidance on the base of the modem.

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You want to discover a setting that passes the signal straight through to your router – commonly it truly is named “bridge mode” or some thing similar. At the time you examine that off, you ought to be fantastic to go. “rn@seriousface:Is there no way to do it with that current cable?rn” @seriousface: Is there no way to do it with that existing cable? “Good lord port forwarding hurts my brain something fierce. I have under no circumstances been ready to get any of that crap to operate effectively when I wasn’t operating DD-WRT/Tomato/m0n0wall.

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